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August 4, 2020 Internet Advancement Update

Feature Updates

  • View full activity edit modal from activity history
  • “Add person” button now available when using + button to create past activities from activities page
  • Number of non-registered youth/adults now visible when creating activities using + button on activities page.
  • Move cancel button to the “x” in upper right corner of activity modal and show warning if user tries to “x” without saving.
  • Unit gender label update
  • Enable “select all” button for selecting unit members before recording an activity/advancement
  • If an activity came from Good Turn for America then date stamps will be: “project date” and “created date” instead of “start date” and “end date”
  • Display activity start and end date instead of activity approve date.
  • Option to open the full activity-edit modal from the quick update modal on the history tab
  • When running a report which requires a date range, an “All dates” checkbox now makes running full-history reports easy.
  • When typing the name or acronym of states in the address field, a list of suggestions appears. Tab populates the field and continues to next field.
  • Improved activity entry by updating end date to match new start date if start date is changed to a date after end date.
  • Added placeholder mask to date fields MM/DD/YYYY to improve usability for keyboard-oriented users.

Bug Fixes

  • Omitted incorrect orange error that would highlight adults where were added to activities.