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Auto and Mass Connection Removal

This is probably a 2 part request.

First off, when someone gets full control of a Unit, this gives that user full control of every Scout in that Unit. That is as expected, but the control is granted on the actual Scout level. So if the Scout is moved to a different Unit, the old Units leadership still has full control. A leaderships full control of a Scout should be auto-removed from that Scout should the Scout leave that Unit. There was an issue with some Scouts of my Unit being added to the wrong Unit before being added to mine. All of the accidental Units leadership are still in full control of these Scouts.

Second, for instances like this, I should be able to have a view of all the Leaders who have control of any Scout in my Unit. This way, I can click on that person (in this case a leader from another Unit) and remove them from all Scouts in my Unit. Without this change, I have to go into every scout individually and remove those leaders who should not be there. This, frankly feels like a bit of a security concern to me.


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