Bring back accidentaly deleted Scout to Lion Den?

My den leader accidently deleted a scout from our Lion Den 22. Scout is still present on Pack roster in How do I find and bring the scout back into the den?

Scout T.R. BSA #13882021


I requested a position sync. Check after 5:00 PM Eastern today. You will need to place the Scout into the Lion den as position sync only puts them in the pack.

I check this evening, thank you!


If this happened to a Webelos or AOL, would all the SB entries/records be lost from the scout when they are reconnected to the Pack? Luckly it was a Lion, but I am now concerned it could accidently happen with our older cub scouts.

Nothing is lost. All that happens is the membership is added back to the Scout’s record so the Scout appears on the roster again.

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