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BSA Unit Adult Functional Roles & Unit Committee

This discussion topic is about Unit Adult Functional Roles that are definable in the BSA membership registration system. Where assignments can be assigned and changed by the unit committee chair and others. How assignments vary by program. Which ones have been replaced by registered position code.

At this time (August 2019) it appears council registrars are only entering the registered position code on adult membership application forms.

It is not clear how and where the unit adult functional roles are assigned by the unit committee chair.

Some of these function are assignable in the my.Scouting Organization Security Manager tool. Some may be defined in the my.Scouting Organization Manager.

First post updated: 2019-08-03


Functional duties or roles, p. 13

In addition to registered unit positions, the following functional duties or roles can also be assigned to registered adult leaders. A functional role should not be assigned to an adult who does not hold a current registered position.

Code Description
BU Bulk S.L. Recipient
112 Unit Advancement Chair
113 Unit Blue and Gold Chair
115 Unit Chaplain
116 Unit Good Turn Chair
117 Unit High Adventure Chair
118 Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair
119 Unit Popcorn Chair
120 Unit Product Sale Chair
121 Unit Transportation Chair
122 Unit Secretary
123 Unit Treasurer
124 Unit FOS Chair
125 Unit Health and Safety Chair
126 Unit Membership/Webelos Transition Chair
126U Unit Membership Chair
127 Unit Fundraising Chair
128 Unit Training Chair
129 Unit Scout Show/Special Activities Chair

Unit Committee

DRAFT - This post is work in progress. I am still looking for source documents and links. Most of these codes and codes appear to old ones (pre-2004). Feel free to jump in and share where function and responsibilities may be found for nationally defined unit committee functions.

The senor Scouting programs are youth run. That is to say, it is possible to have no “adult unit committee” in some Scouting programs. In this case, the adults may be referred to as advisors instead of leaders.


2017-2018: 126U Unit Membership Chair

  • 2017: Traditional units: Replaced by "New Member Coordinator (NM)
  • 2018: Cub Scouting: Added “Membership and Registration Chair” (126U ?)"

Committee Members with Registered Position Codes

Requires submitting adult member application (new: online registration or paper to council service center; renewal: internet rechartering) to register. Most committee members are registered with registered position code “CM”, but there are exceptions,

Minimum leadership positions required

REGISTRATION GUIDEBOOK, July 2019 OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, July 2019, ©2019 Boy Scouts of America:

  • pack, p. 9: CR, CC, CM, 2 MCs*, an LL, TL, DL, or WL**, and an LP or AP for each Lion or Tiger.
  • pack MC’s note: A unit must have two committee members who may be an MC, PT, or NM.
  • troop, p. 10: CR, CC, 2 MCs*, SM.
  • ship, p. 11: CR, CC, 2 MCs*, SK
  • troop, crew, ship: MC’s note: A unit must have two committee members who may be an MC or NM.
  • unit position code list, p, 36,


Sources for following list.

  • Registration Guidebook of the Boy Scouts of America, July 2019, ©2019 Boy Scouts of America
  • CSLB: Cub Scout Leader Book, 33221, 2018 printing, SKU 646725
  • GLT: Guide to Leader Training, 721-920, 2018 Printing
  • TCG Scouts BSA Troop Committee Guidebook - For Successful Troop Operation, 34505, 2018 printing, SKU 647783
  • TLG: Scouts BSA Troop Leader Guidebook, vol. 1, 33009, 2018 printing, SKU 647785

A Council document

Note: Council bylaws and procedures can be different or based on older national unit committee guides.

Code and Description

BU Bulk S.L. Recipient

  • Used for bulk delivery of Scout’s Life magazine to some overseas addresses (e.g. APO, DPO, FPO addresses).

112 Unit Advancement Chair

  • CSLB p. 56, “Advancement Chair”
  • TLG p. 14 “Advancement Coordinator”

113 Unit Blue and Gold Chair

  • CSLB p. 121 “Banquet Chair”

115 Unit Chaplain

  • TLG .p. 14 “Chaplain”
  • YST 2004: p.3 “Chaplain”

116 Unit Good Turn Chair

117 Unit High Adventure Chair

118 Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair

  • CSLB p. 57
  • TLG p. 14 “Outdoor/Activity Coordinator”
  • YST 2004: p. 2

119 Unit Popcorn Chair

  • “Unit Popcorn Kernel”

120 Unit Product Sale Chair

121 Unit Transportation Chair

  • TCG p. 23 - Scouts BSA “Outdoor/Activities Coordinator: Serve as transportation coordinator”
  • TCG p. 40
    ^ Related role: 118 Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair

122 Unit Secretary

  • CSLB p. 56
  • TLG p. 14 “Secretary”
  • YST 2004: p. 2

123 Unit Treasurer

  • CSLB p. 56
  • YST 2004: p. 3 “Treasurer (finance/records)”

124 Unit FOS Chair

  • CSLB p. 58 “Friends of Scouting Chair”
  • YST 2004: p. 3 “Friends of Scouting Coordinator”

125 Unit Health and Safety Chair

126 Unit Membership/Webelos Transition Chair

126U Unit Membership Chair

  • Replaced by “New Member Coordinator” (NM) in 2017
  • CSLB p. “Membership and Registration Chair” (126U ?) (2018)
  • TLG p. 14 “Membership Coordinator”
  • YST 2004: p. 3, “Membership Coordinator”

127 Unit Fundraising Chair

128 Unit Training Chair

  • Cub Scouting: “Pack Trainer”(PT)
  • TLG p. 14 “Training Coordinator”
  • YST 2004: p. 3, “Training Coordinator”

129 Unit Scout Show/Special Activities Chair

— Equipment Coordinator

  • TLG p. 14
  • YST 2004: p. 3, “Equipment Coordinator”

— Parent Coordinator

  • TLG p. 14
  • Parent Coordinator (PC) replaced by New Member Coordinator (NM) in 2017

— Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator (REU)

  • TLG p. 14

— Public Relationship Chair

  • CSLB p. 57


Unit members not active in unit

  • 91U Unit Scouter Reserve
  • 92U Unit College Scouter Reserve

Not Unit Scouters

District Support

80 Unit Commissioner (Council Scouter)


IH Chartered Organization Institution Head

CR Chartered Organization Representative (Council Scouter)

Cub Scouting: Others Leaders in the Den

Troop Webelos Resources Person

  • CSLB p. 61

Den Chief (Youth)

  • CSLB p. 61

Trail to Eagle Scout

  • 42 Merit Badge Counselor (District Scouter)

STEM Nova Awards

  • 58 Nova Counselor (Council Scouter)
  • 52 Supernova Mentor (Council Scouter)

Related discussion topics

Post updated: 2019-10-24

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Organization Security Manager

  • Help manual
  • Date unknown - those with access (key-3 leaders) can log into my.Scouting Tools to get current help available inside tool.

Organization Security Manager help file available on Scouting home website (date unknown) states in part:

New functional roles have been added to security manager. The following roles are for future functionality for online registration. Currently, assigning members to these functional roles will not grant them access to any tools. An update will be posted when online registration is rolled out later this year.

  • Registration Inquiry (National, Region, Area, Council, District, Unit)
  • Unit Membership Chairman

NOTE: Training functional roles that were assigned in Member Manager will automatically be imported.

NOTE: Registered positions cannot be assigned or expired.


Primary advancement reference: Guide to Advancement
For more see “Unit Committee” post above.

The Guide to Safe Scouting Applies

Policies and procedures outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting apply to all BSA activities, including those related to advancement and Eagle Scout, Quartermaster, and Summit Award service projects.

This is a pack-only position.

Blue and Gold Banquet

  • Blue and Gold Banquet” in Cub Scouts® Leader How-to Book, Copyright 2015 Boy Scouts of America, 33832, 2015 printing, SKU 621165, Chapter 6, Special Pack Activities, pp. 6-3 to 6-9.
  • Silver or Gold Pack Anniversary Ceremony at Blue and Gold Banquet” in Cub Scouts® Ceremonies for Dens and Packs, Copyright 1999 Boy Scouts of America, 33212, 2010 printing, SKU 33212, Chapter 10, Other Opportunities for Ceremonies, now SKU 620581

See also: REU Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator - Religious Emblems Program, Facebook

Basic position-specific training

Basic BSA leader training is available online at the BSA Learn Center (accessed via my.Scouting Tools website)





  • A Scout Is Reverent Pamphlet, 2016, Item: 635736 - A resource for interfaith, Christian, Jewish, Muslim worship at Scouting events
  • Scouting Our Way, by Robert Lee Edmonds and Linda Tucker Edmonds, 2015, Southlake, Texas, Eight Eleven Press, 182 pages, soft-cover book. (Was being sold in BSA Shops, checking for item number)

Appears to be responsible for reporting unit service hours.

Unit and individual good turn service projects and award programs include Journey to Excellence, Conservation Good Turn, Scouting for Food, Messengers of Peace and advancement service projects.

Good Turn to America Website


  • Good Turn for America Sticker Sheet, 2004, form 33024
  • http://www.goodturnforamerica.org/
  • 2 Sep 2019: Unable to connect to website. Domain Name Service error: The connection to the DNS server timed out. Error Code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND

Good Turn Service Hours Reporting

This now appears to be part of the Journey to Excellence award program.

Messengers of Peace service hours

Submitting MOP-related projects is easy for BSA units. All they need to do is check the Messengers of Peace box when entering a service project through the Journey to Excellence website

Share your Good Turn stories

DRAFT posted 20190902. Needs more research.

Scouts BSA Troop Committee Meeting Roles List

Roles in “Suggested Troop Committee Meeting Agenda” in Troop Committee Guidebook, 34505, Copyright 2018 Boy Scouts of America, 2018 printing, SKU 647783, pp. 43-44:

NOTE: Publication appears to have been updated in 2019 per Scout Shop, however image shown is the 2018 printing.

  • Advancement coordinator, pp. 23-24
  • Chaplain, p. 24
  • Equipment coordinator, p. 25
  • Membership coordinator, p. 26
  • New Scout parent unit coordinator, p. 26
  • Outdoor/activities coordinator, p. 23
  • Scoutmaster (SM), pp 9-10
  • Secretary, p. 22
  • Training coordinator, pp. 24-25
  • Treasurer (financial records), p. 22
  • Troop committee chair (CC), p. 21

Not listed as making a regular report to committee in suggested agenda:

  • Order of the Arrow troop representative advisor, pp. 27-28
  • Unit religious emblems coordinator (REU), p. 27


  1. Chartered Organization Representative (CR) position is not listed as reporting to the Troop Committee and Troop Committee Chair (CC).
  2. “The troop committees primary responsibilities are supporting the Scoutmaster in delivering quality troop program and handling troop administration.”, p. 8
  3. In a troop I am not sure if New Member Coordinator (NMC) is the unit Membership Chair or the New Scout parent unit coordinator. Per “Everything you need to know about the New Member Coordinator position”, September 25, 2019 by Bryan Wendell, Scouting magazine article: “This role replaced the roles of Unit Membership Chair and Parent Coordinator, which are no longer available.”

Above updated 2019-10-03

Volunteer - How You Can Help

https://www.scouting.org/discover/volunteer/, downloaded 2019-10-11. Website copyright: 2019 Boy Scouts of America

Following includes both registered positions and unit functional roles.

How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help Scouting in your area. Whether you are volunteering directly with Scouts or helping out behind the scenes, you can make an impact on the lives of Scouts by volunteering your time.

How can you help? Here are a few ideas:

Assisting directly with the Scouts on an ongoing basis

  • Leader (Cubmaster, Den leader, Scoutmaster, Venturing crew Advisor)
  • Assistant leader
  • Board of review coordinator/member
  • Court of honor coordinator/member

Helping directly with the Scouts in specific events or activities

  • Event coordinator/event committee member
  • Pinewood derby coordinator/committee member
  • Service project coordinator/committee member
  • Camping trip participant
  • Banquet coordinator/committee member
  • Day camp coordinator/participant
  • Summer camp coordinator/participant/promotion
  • Merit badge counselor

Support: Administrative Role

  • Advancement committee chair/member
  • Communications committee chair/committee member (Webmaster, PR, newsletter)
  • Secretary: recordkeeping, activity permits, meeting minutes, annual recharter activities
  • Treasurer/assistant treasurer
  • Youth Protection training coordinator
  • Life to Eagle coordinator
  • Merit badge coordinator

Support: Other

  • Chartered organization representative
  • Friends of Scouting coordinator (fund-raising)
  • Unit committee chair/member
  • Unit youth recruiter
  • Product sales committee coordinator/member
  • Promoter of district/council events to parents
  • Religious award committee coordinator/member
  • Trainer
  • District/council committee member
  • Transportation coordinator
  • Historian
  • Quartermaster (supplies)

I am assuming this is a function for units (troops, crews and ships) with older (“senior”) Scouts.

Assistant Scoutmaster - High Adventure

From an old Troop 187, Fairfax, Virginia, website. “boys” changed to “Scouts”,. Appears to be from unit bylaws… (Still looking for original BSA source, assuming there is one.)

Assistant Scoutmaster - High Adventure

  • Participate in all available training available.

  • Help boys Scouts to grow and mature by encouraging them to learn for themselves, through the methods of Scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting.

  • Meet regularly with the patrol leaders’ council for training and coordination in planning troop high adventure activities.

  • Attend troop meetings.

  • Attend troop committee meetings.

  • Participate in council and district activities.

  • Research and present high adventure program ideas and present them to the patrol leaders’ council and senior Scouts.

  • Build a strong program by using proven methods presented in Scouting literature and training.

  • Conduct all activities under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and the policies of the chartered organization and the Boys Scouts of America.

Looking for responsibilities…

Some resources:

Updated: 2019-10-11

In troops the unit transportation chair role is part of the “118 Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair” functional role.

Apparently not needed in packs due to parent or guardian providing transportation.

Unable to obtain input for Venturing and Sea Scout programs from Scouting Forums readers due to removal of following discussion topics. (Further research needed.)

Child discussion topics - not found 10/24/2019

Related site:

This is the unit committee role, not a youth role.

This is the unit committee role, not a youth role.

Enterprise Risk Management Committee Guidebook

  • “Event Safety Checklist” (Attachment D), pp. 23-26

Appendix 2: BSA Resources
Numerous resources have been developed over the years to support the role of health and safety, and risk management.
Guide to Safe Scouting, No. 34416

• The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety,

Additionally, several Web resources are available through the BSA. Many of these are available in one location at www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GeneralResources.aspx. Others include:

A collection of current forms is available at

Scouting.org > Programs > Scouts BSA > Improved Webelos Transition

Related non-unit position roles:

Note that if you read this document carefully, it’s Council-specific for the Sam Houston Area Council. So, while a useful resource, it’s not definitive.

I have added the council name to the citation.

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