Bug in position manager - reporting someone is <21 when they are not

Moved a person to Unit Scouter Reserve from the committee. When that was done, an error came up saying that the following members don’t meet the age requirement. Unless his birthday is wrong, the real error is that he is missing the CBC.




Unit Scouter Reserved is for adults age 21 or older. Use Unit Scouter Reserve for adults between 18 and 21.

This BSA member number 14637479 is missing DOB.

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Unit College Scouter Reserve: for ages 18+
Unit Scouter Reserve: for ages 21+

That isn’t the case here. It is that 14637479 doesn’t have a DOB and thus is complaining that he is too young for a DL.

I do not know how he got registered as a Den Leader without a DOB, but your council will need to fix it.


Without a DOB, checks will fail. Also, it appears he has a nickname, not a legal name as his first name. This should also be corrected. The member should be able to correct his first name via my.scouting.org. The DOB may need to be entered by the registrar.

Would it be possible to request a specific error message for when the DOB field is blank vs when the age is outside of the acceptable range (i.e. two checks)? Conceptually:







ETA: Ack. Discord ignored my indenting. I “forced” it with the bullets. I thought that used to work?

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That would be nice. Many error improvements would drive people to know what to go fix.

Paper application.

Paper apps require DOB as well. You would think the criminal background check would fail without a DOB.

I would expect a lot of stuff to break without it. Seems most likely it was there at some point, but got deleted by mistake somehow.

While his app has his DOB and CBC, the CBC wasn’t entered in the system. It is interesting that the “manual” systems still allow it to be incomplete.

Then we wonder why recharter takes so long. At that point, one must atone for all the sins of the last year.

My read of the national rules and regulations, September 2020, is that the unit college reserve position is not limited to under 21 years of age. For example, an older college student studying additional college provided training could be registered in the unit collegiate scouter reserve position.


Yes, thank you for the correction. I have corrected my post (above).

When I asked for the register to fix today, she said she didn’t know how she entered it without DOB. Pretty odd.

She might have searched for the already existing BSA member number. When she found it, she might not have noticed that it was missing DOB.

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