Bulk Entry has Old Cub Scout Program

I am trying to use the new Bulk Entry feature through Scoutbook Plus; however, I am finding that the new Cub Scout program has not been uploaded. I am only able to choose the rank adventures from 2024, and I get a message that they are expiring August 2024. There is not choice to enter the new program. Is this a known issue to be fixed?

@AshleyWorth 2024 is in there - what are you looking for?

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You need to make sure all of the scouts are set to the 2024 version of their rank (assuming you are trying to use the new program).

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I am using Unit Quick Entry from the Scoutbook Plus Roster page.
image It takes me to Bulk Entry Adventures.

When I select a rank, the only choices for Adventures are the ones that are expiring at the end of August 2024.

Cast Iron Chef is not part of the 2024 program @AshleyWorth it was retired - Webelos Adventures | Boy Scouts of America

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@AshleyWorth - you have to scroll down the list to see the other adventures

I see-- you have to scroll past the retired adventures to get to the new program adventures. That’s a bit of an odd way of organizing, but it works.

It’s partially because the system has to accommodate the “old” version at least through the end of August (IIRC) per the BSA statements regarding when scouts still wrapping up the “old” program for their last den have to transition to the 2024 requirements for their “new” den.

I suspect it will get cleared up somewhat after that transition date.

ETA: I knew the transition date was somewhere, but since I’m not at the pack level anymore, it took me a bit to locate it:

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@DonovanMcNeil Yes, I know my example was retired. That’s why I was looking for the new program for 2024-2025. I was able to find it. Thank you for assisting.

I seem to have a lot of scouts that “started” adventures with the old version requirements. I say started but nothing is actually marked in the old version. Anytime a scout has started an adventure with the old requirements, bulk entry gives an error message and will not all me to mark completion.

All of the scouts are shown as the 2024 version so it isn’t that. I can do it individually, but I really do not want to do that once we get into the school year. Hoping the devs can take another look at bulk entry when someone has started an adventure with older versions. This probably only impacts the AoL dens.

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