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Calendar: Events appearing on the wrong days when viewing calendar by month

Some of the admins of our troop has notified me that the calendar is acting weird after this update: “An enhancement will be made to the Scoutbook.com Calendar Events functionality. Effective October 31st, creating and viewing an event will display date and time based on the device settings. A one-time conversion will run to update previously created event times to the Time Zone based on your unit ZIP Code.”

I have provided screenshots of what we are seeing on our side. The troop has weekly troop meetings on Friday. However, when viewing the calendar by the month, it placed the events on Saturdays rather than on Fridays. When I click on the event to show the details, it shows that the troop meeting is happening on a Friday.

Events are also appearing twice when viewing the calendar by the month. For example, the calendar shows that there is a troop meeting on September 22nd and the 23rd, when there is only supposed to be a troop meeting on the 22nd.

So the bug that I am reporting is that when viewing the calendar by months, the events are not in the correct days of the week. Our troop is in the state of Hawaii. We are in the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone. Please advise.Thank you!


I have reported this to the developers. Thanks for letting us know.

Do you have two units (or subunits) selected on the invitation?

We have two units selected on the invitation (Boy and Girl troop with the same number). I noticed that it also repeats for events on individual patrol calendars.

That explains why you are seeing them twice. That is working as expected. For both units, could you go to edit troop and check the zip code in the address?

Okay. Both troops has the same zip code: 96789

@jacobfetzer Looks like everything is back to normal. Thanks for your help

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