Can non-registered parents (no BSA#) use scoutbook, get email/txt, sync calendar?

We’re looking to make the jump to opening up Scoutbook to parents (we only had leaders use it last year). We’re also looking to get away from the mobile phone app that we’ve been using for calendar, chat rooms, RSVP’s. Will all parents have access to sync to the events calendar and receive group email/txts?

My understanding is that once a scout is in the system, go to connections, and manually add parent if they’re not in the system. When they log in using the invite email, hopefully they can see the event calendar and RSVP, etc.

Yes, non-registered parents can use Scoutbook. You have the correct process to add them.

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how do the parents receive the invite for an RSVP? I am the admin and i have not received anything.

also, when a new parent is invited to scoutbook, how do they sign in?

Thank you !
New to scoutbook and learning

@MaryHudspeth Make sure reminders are turned on.

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