Cannot access roster for a Unit

my BSA ID is 12822491. I have various rights for 4 units in scoutbook.
I can access Pack 143, Pack 2143, and Troop 2000G just fine.
But Troop 2000B I’m having problems. I confirmed with our advancement chair (his BSA ID is 13153254) that he is also experiencing the same thing at other location (i.e. his house, our meeting location, etc).
From my dashboard, if I click to enter Troop 2000B, I can do that, and I see the list of Patrols. When I click “Troop Roster”, I get this spinning loading image for a bit. After a minute, sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes I get a message that says “error loading page”. We’ve been experiencing this for about a week and cannot access the Troop roster.

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