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Cannot delete a connection or create a new one

I have a parent who is finally looking to access Scoutbook, but has changed their email address since the original invite went out several years ago.

I have tried to add a new connection using the updated email address but this fails with the following response:

Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request.

Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!

I have also tried deleting the existing connection, since that no longer is applicable with the old address but I receive the same vague error message.

If they never signed in you should be able to change the email address on the original account (pretty sure).

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I did not see a means of doing that. I was finally able to delete the “old” connection, but the system continues to error out when I try to enter a new adult connection.

@RonaldVogel I sent you a private message for more information.

So did I. (Need more words)

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