Cannot remove specific leaders from event invites

If you try to remove any leaders, the system puts all leaders back when you save.

If there are at least two leaders invited to an event, the system should not add any more leaders automatically.

@JoeMcKinley can you be more specific? like what is the event type?

Cause I do not see this behavior in my testing

Sample event: Internet Advancement
This one happens to be a patrol meeting.

No matter what you do, all troop leaders are added to the event on save.

OK - I think the logic on that is literally being worked out today - cause the hard thing is this - for Packs all Dens will have a leader. But for Troops - many do not assign Leaders to patrols in the systems.

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but I go in and it adds all leaders I can deselect some or deselect all and just add some back individual - for me it is not going back to all

Just tried it again. Always adds all troop leaders back.

Try a hard refresh to see if an update was pushed that hasn’t loaded yet on your local machine, maybe?

Already tried that. Didn’t help.

It’s not just me. This was reported to me by another of our units leaders. I reproduced it and came here to report the issue.

@JoeMcKinley I can setup a screenshare to see it if you want

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