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Can't Connect Parent to Scout

I can’t enter a parent as connection for scout because the scout was registered with the father’s email by council registrar. Registrar insists that he removed the email linked to the scout, but the link must exist somewhere at a higher level the the BSA computer systems.

first question - is the father already a leader in the unit?

The father is NOT a unit leader or another registered adult with BSA.

Registrars cannot enter emails for Scouts in Scoutbook.

If the Scout has an email in Scoutbook, they could only have received it from another parent who is connected to the Scout when inviting the Scout to the account.

For example - if the mom was connected to the Scout and invited the Scout to connect, and she used the dad’s email to invite the Scout, the dad’s email would be associated with the Scout’s account. That would block creating an account for the dad using the same email.

If the Scout has their own email, the Scout can log into their account and change emails, which would free up the dad’s email.

Registrars can and do enter emails for scouts in AKELA and they do get pushed to SB with member update - but it does not activate the account - it just causes problems. @HubertShaffer I will send a direct message to see if I can help - look at top right avatar to find message

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