Can't log in

My login works fine for but trying to log in to scoutbook just hangs - regardless of browser, device, etc…

The username and password is working to some extent - if I use jibberish for my password it says invalid username or password right away.

Who can I reach out to for help? The council says as long as I can log in to my.scouting (I can) then it should work.

@CoreyShields - could you try incognito mode in the browser to see if that works. Were you able at some point to lig into ?

@CoreyShields Your Scoutbook account was not linked correctly to your my.scouting account. This should be fixed now.

I would recommend talking to your local council about combining your registrations under a single BSA member number.

Thanks, that did it!

(and I believe the ‘combining registrations’ aspect is what got me stuck in the first place - any specifics you could provide that I can pass to them would be great)

Your Troop Committee Chair and COR registrations are under one BSA member number, but your Merit Badge Counselor registration is under a different number. Because they are both in the same council, I would recommend that your council Registrar combine them all under a single BSA number.

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