Can't toggle Scout Life Sub - overcharging on new members

Getting an error:

“fromOrgGuid” is not allowed

on newly entered youth members on the roster. It also appears from the fee that Scout Life is being tacked on even though the toggle is off (and errored)

@AaronArnold what is your BSA # ?

Mine is 135825450 I’m a key 3 delegate for Pack 44 in Pennington, NJ

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For additional context, the scout life toggle does work for renewing members.

For new youth some of my members are being charges the appropriate fee (National+Council+New Member) and others are being charged +12 more (National+Council+New Member+Scout Life) a ll have the toggle off…and I can’t toggle it on or off because of the error.

If you need to wipe my recharter to start over I’m okay with that.

BTW…there should be a way to fully delete a new member. If you make a typo you can’t fix it without creating a duplicate record…and that gets messy. they should not go to the removal tab. Also being able to remove an attachment an reattach would be nice. I forgot to sign a form and then I’m up a creek without starting over with a new record.

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Okay here is the proof of the overcharging. Going to the payment screen says all 9 of my new scouts are signed up for SL - none are.

Also you are double charging on the new member fee. 225 dollars, twice.fees

this has been reported to be looked at

Thanks! The only mitigating factor (which I don’t know if it is or not) was I have two miskeyed new scouts…which are now on the removal tab, that I had to reinput in because there forms were not signed when I initially attached.

I also have a set of twins with the same birth date.

These are the only things “out of the ordinary”

So the SL fee and toggle are working as of this morning. :slight_smile:

Only remaining issue is the doubled “Paid Join Fee”

@AaronArnold I think both of these should be resolved now