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Change Unit Number

There are two answers posted (and topic closed) that makes me understand Scoutbook uses the official number as of an update last summer. BUT what if my Scoutbook account has the wrong unit number?

Troop 180 G was chartered as that but when camp came around we discovered Tentaroo couldn’t handle importing the girl troop as a separate unit from the boy troop. Tentaroo posted on their website that the way to handle this was to change add a high order number. Troop 180 G became Troop 5180.

So the update changed my Scoutbook to 5180. Then 6 weeks ago we went back to 180 G (the council learning how to deal with Tentaroo’s limitation so we could have our number back).

Now my Scoutbook is stuck with the wrong number!

How does this get changed?


Council can send in a ticket for this

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