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I’ve posted before almost two years ago with a similar issue and it was resolved. I have a lot of trouble navigating Scoutbook, so thank you in advance for any help.
My son was a Lion, Tiger, and Wolf in Texas with Longhorn Council, ID 135534827. We moved to South Korea and he transferred to Far East Council, but the volunteer who was going to transfer his registration to the FEC pack somehow misunderstood something and he ended up with two Scoutbook accounts, one with the wrong birthday. I believe the correct account ID with Far East Council is 14621617 (but if there’s a way to just merge them, that would be great). My son was a Bear and Webelo with Far East Council, and earned each rank. I received help from this forum two years ago when his Longhorn Council achievements weren’t transferred to Far East Council.
We moved to Maryland last summer, and he has joined the National Capital Area Council as an AOL. It seems that nothing got transferred, and his current pack has no records of anything he did before this current year. My son is getting pretty discouraged because no one seems to believe us that he’s already completed all these ranks. I’ve reached out to his old pack in Korea, but I haven’t heard back recently. My son’s current member ID is 140526980. Is there a way to merge all these accounts? Thank you so much for any help.

@LauraTisdale that is fixed - I think your Longhorn address is on his profile in Scoutbook

Thank you so much! I should have just asked here months ago. Thanks for the quick fix and for your help!

Please look at two duplicated adults:

136417067 and 13742425
The latter is on our official roster.

14892491 and 12308044

Thank you.

@BrianCarter2 those are fixed

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