Connect Supernova Mentors to Cubs like MBC

Is there a way to connect to a cub scout that is not in my unit? I am a council-approved nova counselor and supernova mentor, and have resorted to issuing cubs blue cards for award completion, because I can’t connect like a MBC.

A few parents have tried to link me as a connection and I receive the emails, but I cannot see the kids after that.

Do you see the Packs? NOVA like MBC is in the backlogs.

Only my pack shows up. The only scouts outside my pack I can currently see are connected for MBs. Nothing for STEM awards.

maybe through My Connections?

Not there either, unfortunately.

then you are not connected

Might be a mute point next year for Cubs as it seems all Awards are going to Adventures - not sure how that will effect NOVA Counselors

You connect to them the same way you’d connect for merit badges except choose the adult leader connection type instead of merit badge counselor.

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