COR/parent account won’t stay linked to her scout

Our troop COR’s account keeps coming unlinked from her scout’s account. Nothing has changed in status for either. She’s reset it several times, and it unlinks. I reset it yesterday, she was able to add some things to his record yesterday, and now today it has unlinked again. Her BSA number is 12136817, scout’s BSA number is 125166871.
Please advise! Thank you.


I looked at the record in the database and it shows she is connected to her son since Aug 21, 2014. We need to investigate further.


We found some strange issues with a deleted account and her parent/guardian connection. We have made some changes to the deleted account has been properly deleted and her parent/guardian connection looks better. Please ask her to try again and let us know if the connection issue resurfaces.

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She was connected properly yesterday, now today has lost the connection again.

this is fixed not sure what happened - could be because scout is over 18

The issue might be that the Scout is 18 and needs to be registered as a Unit Participant (position code UP) assuming that the Scout has an approved time extension for the Eagle Scout rank or approved registration beyond the age of eligibility.

Please contact your local council for assistance.

This has been going on since well before he turned 18; she has just been adding herself back to his record, so that’s not the root issue. I’ll look into how he’s registered now, I’m not certain.

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