Cross-populating awards

This request was made back in 2019, and I hope to revive the discussion. Just about every BSA Award has pre-requisites that are already marked complete in ScoutBook, but do not cross-populate. So with every award, it is necessary to pull an advancement report so those requirements can be checked off - again. This becomes particularly arduous when dealing with a number of Scouts who completed a requirement for an Adventure together, but have other pre-requisites that they accomplished at different times - or those pre-requisites differ.

I understand that this is a coding issue, and that IT support is thin stretched (I think that’s just a common theme all around), but this really can’t be that difficult, since the actual Merit Badges or other Awards match in name. I also found that TroopMaster does this automatically, and that platform was created more than 20 years ago.

Thank you.

These are up dated when an award or Merit Badge changes is the policy

Which awards specifically?

I have not gone through many so far - I only became the Awards Coordinator in SB two days ago - but found, for example:

  • Boy Scout Nova Award - Let It Grow! Requirements - MB requirements do not check off when earned
    o I assume this holds true for all Nova awards. This same issue made entering Cub Scout Nova awards such a chore.
  • Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award - Our whole Troop has the Totin’ Chip and the Firem’n Chit, yet I had to manually enter these in for every Scout (some were made easier because they were earned on the same date)
  • International Spirit Award requires the Citizenship in the World MB. But the requirement is not automatically checked off when the MB is earned.

Just a few examples I was able to identify in the past two days.

Thank you

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