Cub Scout Den Resources

Cub Scout Den Video Resources! A new way to support your Cub Scout Den Leaders!

URGENT PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR CUB SCOUT LEADERS. Over the past couple months, staff, volunteers and community partners from more than 50 Councils across the United States have worked together to create Den Leader Resource videos for all required and elective adventures in the Cub Scouts program. These videos will be available(ie NOT YET) at for our scouting volunteers and staff. Spanish Versions of the required adventures are coming soon!

More than ever Councils recognize the need, and had time to create the resources, to help Den leaders provide consistent programming whether they are in person or virtual. We are excited to be able to highlight partnerships within Councils and give youth the chance to visit places across the country without leaving their den.

These videos can be used to support Den leaders in a variety of ways:

  • Watch before a Den meeting to gain background knowledge before working with the youth
  • Show during a virtual (or in person) Den meeting to help guide a Den’s conversation and activities.
  • Take cub scouts on virtual visit to exclusive locations across the U.S.

This is not a “Den meeting in a video” and is not meant to replace the importance of a Den Leader and in person (or virtual) meetings with youth of the same age.

There will be an email sent out to volunteers in three groups: Den Leaders, Cubmasters, and Commissioners. This email will help guide volunteers on how to access and use these videos to support the overall experience of being a youth in Cub Scouts and being a Cub Scout Den Leader.

Cub Scout Adventure Video training is coming on August 31, and September 14th. Please help promote these training opportunities to your staff and volunteers!

August 31st:

September 14th:

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Network security note:

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