District Advancement Coordinator

I just took a position as the District Advancement Coordinator for my district Ohwanassee in the MAC council. I have been doing these duties for my local pack 97. What additional permissions should I have in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? This position has been absent from our district for a number of years. Our District Director is new to the position so wasn’t exactly sure. Asking to see what I should have for the ability to run reports and see other packs and troops in our district so I can assist with questions, offer training, etc. Any help that could be provided is much appreciated.




Scoutbook and Internet Advancement are unit tools. District leaders do not have any access to unit data in Scoutbook except for Unit Commissioners who have been granted access by a unit admin.

You may have access to reports via my.scouting.org but you would need to ask your Council staff to be sure.


Your district executive will have to grant you access; however, the tools in my.scouting.org are under the “Roster” button.

On a desktop with a full-screen browser go to the upper left “Menu”, make sure that the “Organization” is your district. Then click on “Roster”; then on the left you should see 3 options “Roster”, “Members without Unit” and “Reports”.