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@NadezhdaAnikeev Yes, and it’s possible that they might already have an account.

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Could you please look into one more?
Member ID13477809 - the parent is using this one, and it seem to be working fine.
There’s also this one connected to the same scout: Member ID136597192
Thank you!

@NadezhdaAnikeev I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts.

The parent should be using this BSA member ID number:


I’m getting the duplicate accounts using the same email address again. I also have noticed that I am not able to set the RSVP for my son using the new IA Calendar. My Scoutbook user id is 9659781 and my BSA ID is 12352906. Can someone please resolve this for me to see if that will fix my issue setting RSVP for my son.

@ShadPlante email was on Scouts account - RSVP is a known bug - should be easy fix though as parents CAN set RSVP for past events LOL

We have two new adult leaders with duplicate BSA ID numbers that have been generated the because the spelling of their first names was entered slightly different into the system. One ID is a leader ID and the other ID is their Akela/parent ID. Could this be fixed so that there is only one ID to log into without losing the Youth Protection training records?

ID: 140637914 (Leader Profile for Chris)
ID: 1939521 (Akela profile for Christopher)

ID: 14463877 (Leader Profile for LaTresa)
ID: 14662305 (Akela Profile for Latresa)

Many thanks for any help!

@LisaMosley These should be fixed.

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