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Good Day, I have a single Scout with two accounts showing on our Scoutbook. SB User ID: 13485571 BSA Member ID: 140657240 and SB User ID: 13467883 BSA Member ID: 140637069

@Chris_H that is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you

I don’t know if I should start a new thread if there’s one already open with the topic I need…
Here is my duplicate account situation/question:

A number of cub scouts just crossed over into the troop. I can see that the parents have duplicate accounts under their son’s names, so do I

a) copy the duplicate account numbers here before I send invites to those parents to connect to their accounts (only one is already connected, but that one still has a duplicate)

b) ignore the duplicate account and send invite to all the email addresses that are not changeyouremail@scoutbook.com


@NadezhdaAnikeev With single sign on (SSO), you don’t need to invite parents to connect to Scoutbook. They just need to log in with their my.Scouting username and password.

If you could post BSA member ID numbers for the Scouts with duplicate parents, we can take a look.

(No names, please)

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Member ID13548633
Member ID136497452 - has changeyouremail@scoutbook.com, and both show that the parent is connected to both of the accounts, which is weird - how can one connect if there’s no valid email address?

Member ID136889426
Has a second account linked under the Scout’s profile, but the system gives me “Error Logged-in user does not have access to this API” when I try to “edit profile” in order to get the BSA Member ID - this second account has the same email address as the first one (ending in x9426)

Member ID136497589 - has changeyouremail@scoutbook.com
Has a second account linked under the Scout’s profile, but the system gives me “Error Logged-in user does not have access to this API” when I try to “edit profile” in order to get the BSA Member ID - this second account has an email address that seems valid - it’s not the one I received on the application. The application was filled by a different parent, who is currently not added to the scout’s profile at all, so I plan to invite that parent by adding her through the scout’s profile (please let me know if I should wait on this)

I recommend that you wait and do not create accounts for people inside of Scoutbook. What tends to happen is an BSA member ID number gets created that is missing a date of birth (DOB). Many times, adults already have a BSA member ID number, so this makes the automated matching system fail.


I have sent this one to the developers to take a look.

I think that there might be a typo in this parent’s e-mail address. If you can verify the parent’s e-mail address, your local council should be able to correct the parent’s e-mail address, if needed. After the e-mail is corrected, the parent should be able to make an account at my.Scouting.

This parent has 2 BSA member ID numbers with different dates of birth. Your local council can correct the DOB, if needed. I would also recommend asking the parent to confirm their e-mail address.

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@NadezhdaAnikeev This first one has been fixed.

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Jennifer, could you please share what’s the official procedure of adding the second adult?

What I was taught before is that after the scout’s registration is processed by the Council, I am to go to his account, and add a second parent (by entering their first name, last name, email address). I believe I first search if the 2nd parent exist in the Scoutbook already.

I was told to encourage families to have both parents added to the Scout’s account as our troop uses Scoutbook as the main tool to communicate with families, and to keep track of the Scout’s advancement.

Thank you!

I am getting an error message that I have two accounts using the same email. One of them is 13846295 and I don’t know the other one. Can you help me out? I can’t seem to do anything on scoutbook until this is resolved.

@IanWendt that is fixed


While you can add the 2nd parent via Scoutbook, it is best if the Council adds the parent to the Scout’s record in Akela. The parent will need a BSA Member ID to do this. An ID is created when the first log in to my.scouting.org.

Are you saying that once the Council creates the first parent account (along with registering the scout) / or moves an existing scout to our troop, I need to email the Council again and ask for a second parent to be added? We try to bother them as little as possible, but if you’re saying this should be the standard procedure, I’ll do it, of course.


That is our recommendation. Unfortunately the Scout registration only includes 1 parent but it is best for the Scout’s official record in the person database (Akela) to list all parents.

24 hours after the Council creates the relationship via the Relationship tab of Registrar tools, the Scout and parent will be linked in Scoutbook.

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Thank you, I will be asking them from now on then.

Another issue with one of these new scout parent’s accounts.
The parent says: my BSA number 13531698 and gives me a screenshot that shows that her son is not there and her other child (not the one in our troop) and a warning I’ve seen on this forum before: “Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address…”

When I check this parent’s account through our scout’s account, her BSA number shows as Member ID140850265, so it’s obvious there were two accounts created for this parent (maybe because children are in two different units due to gender).

Could you please look into this?

Thanks again!

@NadezhdaAnikeev that is fixed

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With the new membership payment system where families pay on their own, it is probably better to get the parent / child relationships set up correctly, so that either parent can pay. These “relationships” can only be set by the council using the Registrar Tools. This is the method that Ed was referring to.

If you just want to get the second parent set up to receive messages, and if you do the parent search, but you can’t find the second parent, the parent can connect to their Scout by logging in to Scoutbook and going to:

Administration → My Account → My Connections

Then click on the red text:

They will need to know their Scout’s BSA member ID number in order to connect this way.

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Thank you!
So the parent will first have to get him/herself an account on my.scouting.org, correct?

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