Duplicate users need to be combined

We have a number of users that are duplicates and need to be combined. Our registrar says she still doesn’t have the capability to do this. Do we know when this functionality will be restored?

Please combine these users

Member_ID = 14097297 (remove this one)
Member_ID = 14098835

Member_ID = 14098105
Member_ID = 14098827 (remove this one)

Member_ID = 106357283 (remove this one)
Member_ID = 104434913

Member_ID = 12884406 (remove this one)
Member_ID = 13900015


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@JamesBrown13 I am looking in to this

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We can combine Scoutbook accounts, but we cannot merge BSA member numbers. The best we can do is use Manage Member ID to combine BSA member numbers under a my.scouting user name and set one as primary.

This adult leader has an active Scoutmaster registration under BSA member number 124241666.

This MBC appears to be double registered as an MBC under both BSA member numbers, but we can combine his Scoutbook accounts.

I can merge this adult leader’s Scoutbook accounts.

Looking at this one again, these are 2 different people (different middle names, DOBs, and e-mails).

Have a parent who’s wrong email is in there profile so can’t access.

BSA 13299080 user ID 10002214 email should be: XXXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXX

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