Eagle Rank Application font size inconsistencies and now way to change

Generated Eagle Application for a scout approaching completion of their Eagle rank and provided to them to complete missing entries…such as references. For items that need to be filled in, there is no consistency in the font sizes for the fillable boxes. He entered addresses and phone numbers for the references and when printed, four of the six truncated the end of the address and the last couple digits of the phone number. Some addresses and phone numbers are in very small fonts, and others are very large…there is NO consistency and no way to adjust the font sizes.

I’ve noticed that there are other issues on various devices. For example, I get varied results on my MackBook Air when using Acrobat Reader, Preview and PDF Expert. I can’t get a consistent print via any of the applications. I also have a Windows 11 machine where I attempted the Chrome and Edge browsers as well as Acrobat Reader to no success.

While it was very frustrating, I had the scout print from his machine, with the reference information truncated versus merit badge completion dates and unit number.

My guess is they are not using a True Adobe product - I just downloaded and the fields you mentioned are set to AUTO - so yes font does get small but in order to get it all in. Or tall but it stays in the frame

Thank you for the reply…I knew when I saw your name I’d get a good response.

I downloaded the application from Scoutbook, which is a VERY NICE feature, and sent it to the scout. He edited in his browser, so any attempt I made to “fix” it ended up not working properly.

I went back into Scoutbook and generated a fresh application, which I then opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader on my MacBook Air, and it worked as expected. I’m now waiting to hear back from my Distict Advancement Chair as to whether she wants the new copy, where none of the entries were cutoff, as we’ve already submitted the final packet. Since it was only in the references section, and those are only used for the Board of Review, I’m pretty sure she won’t.

Scout turned 18 yesterday, so he cut it even closer than my son…his was 6 days. :wink:

Again, thank you for your assistance and all you do for this forum.

scout has 2 years after turning 18 to turn in app as long as everything but the EBOR are done

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@DonovanMcNeil There is some oddness where the scout’s name is in a sanserif font and the address info is in a serif font. Then the rest of the document is in sanserif.

@JohnTechmeier Some of the blanks auto scale as you put in more info. The font is auto adjusted to be smaller for the text to fit. The addresses for the recommendations do this.