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I have an Adult S. M. BSA Number 10256399 I’m trying to edit his profile and it keeps pushing me to internet advancement and then says The Adult was not found with in the active unit. I dont know how to add an adult to Internet Advancement nor why it would ask me to do so.

The parent is in Scoutbooks attached to his sons account. His son is also in our my.scouting roster. As well as he is and In My. Scouting his email address is correct.

All i need to do is update the email addresses in scoutbooks so we can email this parent.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Yes, I see what you mean. The ability to modify profile information in IA2 is a very recent change, so there are still many issues. Were you trying to update anything else, I would advise you to use the Edit Extended Information button in Scoutbook from the connection manager but emails are the one thing you need to change from IA2.

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We have reported this to the developers.

@edavignon ok in the mean time how can I get his email address loaded into scoutbooks can u add it.

We use this as our sole way to communicate with parents

@DavidLafko He had two scoutbook accounts. When I merged them, the email address came over from the other one.

@jacobfetzer Thanks I see its fixed now… Thanks

@AndrewJChen the problem with that is the extended does not offer an email address update.


I believe items are under one page or the other. Not both.

Hello. Our sons, B and C, are scouts. We’ve had difficulty in Scoutbook for over a year now. Prior to this year, my husband registered and connected with our son through Scoutbook using an email from a previous school district where he was employed. Now that he is in a new district, he no longer receives any of the email communication sent by the troops via Scoutbook. We’ve missed SO many events this way! Is there a way to reset our Scoutbook account where we can take out any of the parents/emails associated with our sons and start fresh? If so, we would LOVE the following email addresses to be associated with Scoutbook.


*@gmail.com (This is the email that we would like to have full control of the account.)


Our scouts’ numbers are the following:

C. N.: 12640896

B.N.: 137446424

Thanks for your time!

Megan Nickel
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Log in to Scoutbook, go to My Account → Edit Profile to change the e-mail address in all BSA systems.

I found 2 Scoutbook accounts which I have merged. Continue logging in to Scoutbook using the ID you used this morning.

I really appreciate your help! When I look in Scoutbook, it still shows me as having 3 separate connections (with my name) with my child. I don’t mind if it shows that, but I would like to make sure we receive the emails from the troop. Do you know if that has been alleviated? Thanks again!


I just completed merging your accounts. Please check the connections again.

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It appears to be fixed! I really appreciate the help! Have a great day!

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Note, I still see your old e-mail address in the DB. You need to go to My Account → Edit Profile to change it.

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