End Date on Connected Hike to Activity Issue

When adding a hike to an activity, it won’t let me select an end date prior to today’s date. I wan to select the same date, 10/21/23. The time set is 7pm to 8pm for reference.

wasn’t the end date filled in for you?

@JeremyGinsberg - i just added a hike on a test event I had at the beginning of October and the dates were pre-filled and I was able to save it

Yes as today, but the hike was on Saturday… not for three days

I told developer - but this is very low priority - you are recording Miles not exact dates.

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@JeremyGinsberg - was this on a camping weekend ? The important detail for the hike are the participants and miles.

So you had a calendar event that was for 3 days, but the hike activity was only on a single day?

The calendar event was two days: 10/21 to 10/22. The hike specifically was on 10/21 during the event, but when you add the activity to the event afterward, the end date defaulted to today, 10/23, and won’t let you select 10/21 or 10/22.


This has been reported to the developers.

I would like to add that I noticed a bug in the system when attempting to correct the end date of a calendar entry. Although the system defaults to the end date of the calendar entry, which in my case was 10/22, when I tried to edit it, I couldn’t select 10/22 again and was forced to select today’s date instead. It seems that there might be an issue with the default value being set to today’s date when editing the end date of a calendar entry.

@Stephen_Hornak - The issue also occurs with camping, so recording nights alone will check the box, it will have bad start and end dates which could cause someone down the road to second guess if the data is accurate.

@DonovanMcNeil - Although I understand that resolving this issue may not be the highest priority at the moment, it seems like it should have been addressed before rolling out. This will likely cause confusion for less experienced users who may struggle to comprehend that it is a “bug” they have to live with.


This appears to be a regression issue. It was working properly when the calendar was first rolled out.

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