Entire Training Pages are gone from phone and MacBook

In the middle of my cub master training, I had just got done with the Severe Weather course. Afterwards, my phone screen went blank on the webpage. I tried logging in on my computer, same thing. When I enter “the catalog”, the screen says “click here to complete training”. There is nothing to click. Nothing shows up at all in the catalog. I found a page that lists all my accomplishments and courses I still need to complete. But when I click on a course, it leads me back to the blank screen. I have cleared my cache online and reinstalled the app on my phone. Nothing helps. I can’t complete any training due to this issue.

There’s a known issue with the training system. It’s been up-and-down over the last couple of weeks. There’s a warning message at my.scouting on the landing page:

Not an incredibly helpful response, I know, but they seem (from the outside at least) to be having trouble fixing the underlying issue for some reason.

There was a lot of discussion of the issue here: 504 Error - YPT training not loading


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