Error when trying to invite councilor for MB's

When I try and invite a councilor for one my scouts I get " Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!" This happens with all this scouts MB’s across different login’s, browsers, and sessions. I don’t even get to the connection page before I get this error, it happens immediately after clicking invite councilor. It also only happens with this scout, I can invite councilors for other scouts working on the same MB’s. Thanks


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

BSA #14041494. Thanks again.

@ChristopherStewart5 OK there will be a Fix for this next Thursday - 10 am CT

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I have a similar issue. I’m an ASM and scoutbook admin for my son’s troop and am trying to connect him to a merit badge counselor. My son’s MID is 133916183 and the counselor’s is 110011004. I was able to look up the counselor and have managed to connect them but there are no MBs listed on the counselor’s account. However, I have confirmed that the counselor is, indeed, approved to counsel these badges (Traffic Safety and Crime Prevention in this case) and that my son has started them and received initial unit sign-off. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ben Groverman

@BenjaminGroverman Council has not entered MBs for that MBC - Council needs to enter them in

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Thanks. The counselor happens to be my brother-in-law and has sent me screenshots of his Scoutbook account showing that he is approved by the Evangeline council for these MBs. Are you referring to a different process? Or does my son’s council (TAC) need to do something here?

His council needs to enter the MBs - they are not entered - there are none in SB unless it is under a different user than I see

Thanks. Attached is a screenshot of what he’s looking at which shows the MBs he signed up to counsel. This is in Scoutbook under SB User ID 7910088. Interestingly, he says he can’t see a BSA Member ID number in Scoutbook; it’s only when he clicks on “Edit Profile” and switches to IA that he can see his Member ID of 110011004. Is it possible that there are two accounts floating around?

Yeah is odd - but I am telling you what I see in the Database - and neither have MBs

What do they see under My Profile at

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The screenshot is missing the green shield with checkmark, which means that his MBC position is not approved in Scoutbook.

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Yep missed that - he has the position in AKELA - but as the Council has not loaded MBs - I bet that is why it is not approved


I had one of these after a council merge. The persons council was not uploading counselor information prior to the autosync and it just froze them. The scoutbook entry is missing the approved by gghhh council

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@BenjaminGroverman I have closed his MBC position in Scoutbook and requested a position sync.

Please remind us to check on it again tomorrow.

That appears to have worked. Thanks very much!

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