Expired Merit Badge Counselors

Our council’s registration period for non-unit adults runs from July 1 thru June 30. This includes our Merit Badge Counselors. We use the “council bulk upload” to update the subjects each MBC is authorized to teach. This year (this past week - July 1 thru 5) we did not renew a fairly large number of MBCs, cleaning up our list for the first time in quite a while. Since their registration expired on June 30, we did not have to do anything in my.scouting to proactively expire them. We deleted each non-renewed name from our “.csv” file upload to Scoutbook. After our upload, we did not get any indication they were deleted from Scoutbook and these individuals are still listed in Scoutbook. Do we need to take any proactive steps to get there now-non-registered names deleted from Scoutbook? Do we have to wait for the “two month grace period”?
A couple of examples (if this would help) are MID 13761581, MID 108053672, and MID 131746497.

There is a 60 day grace period in SB - Due to councils missing dates - so that is why the positions are still there

If you upload a csv with no MBs for these expired MBCs it will prevent them from being connected to Scouts.

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