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Feature Assistant - What is it?

Additional Features in Scoutbook are available when using this tool. It works seamlessly with Scoutbook and provides extra options right in Scoutbook pages when you are logged in.

Note: This tool is Volunteer created and maintained. It is not maintained by BSA.

What is it?
An extension is an add-on tool that is installed into your browser that can provide some time saving features. This extension is available for Chrome desktop browsers, and the add-on for Firefox browsers both mobile and desktop. Once installed, it is automatically updated when new versions become available. This tool has been developed by a volunteer and is the responsibility of the volunteer for issues and support.

The focus of this extension is to provide time saving features to Scoutbook users. It is hoped that the life of this tool will be short and that Scoutbook is able to integrate these feature concepts. This tool is simply an interim workaround to some needed features.

See the Installation instructions and links to feature specific documentation here

Until then, the extension includes the following needed features.


  • Repeating Events. Create, edit and delete repeating calendar events
  • Messaging Select attendees based on their Attendance or invitees based on RSVP status to send them messages.
  • Update Multiple Event Invitees. Add invitees to any number of future events in a quick entry fashion.
  • Enhanced Calendar View You get a modified calendar view that displays a + sign wherever there are multiple events on a single day
  • Import events from a CSV file
  • Copy/Clone Events
  • Event RSVP Printable Report
  • Open the Camping/Hiking/ServiceQuick Entry logs pre-filled with information from an Event.
  • Sticky Calendar Date returns you to the recent date instead of the current date
  • Add Scout Birthdays to Calendar option

Payment Logs

  • Quick Enter credits and debits for groups of Scouts.
  • Balance/Transaction Report, with customizable send balance due messages
  • Unit Level Accounting

Swimmer Classification

  • Quick Enter Swimmer Classifications and dates for Scouts and Leaders.

Health Form

  • Quick Enter health record dates for multiple Scouts and Leaders on one screen

OA Membership

  • Quick Enter OA membership information for multiple Scouts on one screen
  • You can view an OA Membership Report

Merit Badge Quick Entry for Units

  • Quick Entry to Add merit badges, sign as the Unit Leader, and Assign Merit Badge Counselors.
    Merit Badge Counselor Quick Connect
  • Connect Scout to MBC from MBC Search Result and from Scouts MB Page

Merit Badge Counselor Tools

  • Quick Entry to Approve requirements or Completed Merit badges for multiple Scouts in multiple units all at once.
  • Merit Badge Report
  • Identify unnecessary MBC connections
  • Direct links to MB pages for Scouts they counsel

Summer Camp Merit Badge Import from Black Pug Software

  • Import data saved after 6/1/2017 from Summer Camps that use the scoutingevent.com website to track Merit badges.

School Data

  • School information can be quick edited

Import Scouts and Parents

  • Import New Scouts, invite parents, and update their essential profile information from a CSV file.
  • Import only parents, and send invites as needed

Session Monitor

  • When the Scoutbook session is about to logged off due to inactivity, a popup appears and you can click to extend the session.

Connection Manager

  • When changing all Scout permissions on a row in the Connection Manager, the permissions of the parent/child connections will be preserved.
  • Clicking on the Scout name in the top row now allows you to set permissions for all the adults. Admin and parent connections will be preserved.
  • Permissions by Position - set default permissions for adults based on their leadership roles or parental status to scouts

Report Builder

  • Adds Select All Checkboxes for MBs and Adventures


  • Adds Scout Youth Training Quick Edit
  • Adds Adult Training export to CSV
  • YPT Report, includes 2018 early expirations


  • Adds Den/Patrol selections to Messages Page
  • Adds Custom Message Groups
  • Always copies you on message you send
  • preview the BB code rendering

Help Page

  • Adds Help Links to SUAC and extension on Help page

Print Roster

  • Adds a quick sort to the Print Roster Report
    Youth Leadership Quick Edit
  • Adds a Quick Edit for Youth Leadership Positions

Upgrade Notification

  • You can opt in to get notified when new versions are released

The Chrome version of the extension is available at the Chrome Webstore.

The Firefox version of the add-on is available Here.

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