Does eveyone need to install the Feature Assistant Extension?

We’re about to roll ScoutBook out to our entire troop. Do all parents need to install the Feature Assistant Extension or is that mainly for leaders? What features does it enable? Is it only available for Chrome and Safari? Are those the only 2 browsers we should tell parents to use with ScoutBook? Thanks! Tanya

I recommend it for everyone, but it’s most useful for registered scouters.

It only works on Firefox and Chrome, not Safari.

There’s a general list of features (and a link to the documentation) here:

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Thanks. One of the things mentioned in the document you provided is: * Open the Camping/Hiking/ServiceQuick Entry logs pre-filled with information from an Event.
How do I do that? I don’t see that in the instruction document.

I think that might have been disabled when the logs were moved from Scoutbook to IA. Maybe @GaryFeutz can comment on that.

Yes, unfortunately that feature was removed when the activity logs moved from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement. The extension is incapable of working with Internet Advancement.

Sorry for the raised hopes.

I have updated the Feature Assistant - What is it? post accordingly. I completely forgot that it had descriptions there and thought I had all the documentation fixed :^(

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