Format of Reminder Text

When a calendar sends a reminder, the text is unformatted. Is there a way to send as it’s written in the calendar entry? The reminder email has the paragraph, bold and underline formatting commands in email text.

Here’s the text from the email. (Will need to open this item to see the formatting)

The annual beach campout will be a fun-filled weekend of advancement, games, leadership, and camaraderie. Cost & Registration:$ 20 per person Please RSVP here in Scoutbook and then don’t forget to pay at the Troop Store: beach-campout-birch-bay-state-park/ Parents: We have 16+ scouts plus gear that need to be transported to Birch Bay State Park on Friday and return on Sunday. That means we are looking for 4-5 drivers for Friday afternoon, and 4-5 drivers for Sunday. Please let me know ASAP if you’re able to drive.

The event ID is 5314494


This is a known issue caused by having to support the legacy Scoutbook calendar in parallel with the new Internet Advancement based calendar. The developers are working on a fix. Watch the Scoutbook - Internet Advancement Change Log - Scouting Forums for an announcement when the fix is available.

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