Forwarding all emails sent from Scoutbook to a separate email

Is it possible to recover past emails sent from Scoutbook, by anyone? If not, is their a way to correct this?

Can an administrator direct copies of all sent emails (by anyone) to our Troop’s gmail account?


Hi, @ErinKaufman, previously, the answer on this had been that Scoutbook does not retain a record of emails sent.

The methods I can think of to get a copy of outgoing emails all depend on implementation of a policy on the user side at the moment. One way is to create a dummy leader, who is assigned to all of the patrols, and create a policy that this “leader” be included on all outgoing emails.

Alternatively, you could create a policy that one of your actual leaders with a Gmail address be copied on all outgoing emails, assign that leader to every patrol, and have them set up an auto-forward under Gmail to send things to your troop’s Gmail account for retention.

Thank you for the information!

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