Help with scout book account merge/transfer

I am not sure what the problem is, we moved from PA to OH in 2021.

Older scouts (Ved) profile transferred appropriately. However younger who had just finished Cub Scout (arrow of light) and crossed over I believe has 2 accounts. Previous troop 59 was part of French Creek council and new troop 2B is part of Erie Shores Council.

Please help.
Thank you!

@JayPatel we will take a look - any info like BSA #s helps - no names please

@JayPatel this is fixed - you have 2 logins your @gmail and jaydutt## - it is best to have just one - we can retire one if you want

I prefer my email for gmail

I don’t have BSA # will look to see if I can find it

@JayPatel no need for BSA # - it is all fixed already

Yes, it works, thank you so much!!!

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