High level SB - IA transition plan?

Can someone explain the 30,000’ view of our SB to IA transition? I know the calendar transition is happening now. Will SB be entirely abandoned at some point? Will IA become the system of record? I know BSA doesn’t give timelines, but what’s the goal with the software changes? I don’t share every change with my parents because it would overwhelm them. Do I need to prep them to become more comfortable with IA after I finally have them working smoothly in SB?


As has been stated many times, the Scoutbook platform is written on obsolete technology and must be retired. The Internet Advancement platform is written on newer, supported technology. All Scoutbook functions will eventually be migrated to Internet Advancement.

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Ok, so what’s the next feature to be migrated?

The BSA has not announced the next feature to be migrated after the calendar.

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@BrianCarter2 - you may want to subscribe to the change log and announcement pages in the forums. Things will migrate when they migrate

Not sure if this helps or not… I view it as more of a slow rewrite over time than a migration. The new interface, now called Scoutbook plus Internet Advancement, will have all/most of the functionality of the old interface. However, some things will work a little differently.


Thanks for the replies. However, surely you can see from a local leader point of view that “things will migrate when they migrate” is not helpful. And “Scoutbook plus Internet Advancement” is a confusing non-descriptor. Which items will be in the SB and which items will be in the Plus?

Nobody has details - only hand waving. “All/most of the functionality”… ok, so what functionality won’t it have? That lack of project management leads to the chaos that was the calendar rollout. It appears BSA either doesn’t have a road map or at least isn’t sharing it with any of us.

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The BSA does not share the roadmap.


Can you please explain how to do this, or refer to a page which describes how to do this?


What I have thought about is what is done and what is to come. When Indo training on SB, this is often the question. What is next? Like others have said, the BSA doesn’t provide timing or even the order. So, this is more of a look back vs look ahead. Not all has moved to SB+IA, some went on its own like help. The list of what is left is getting smaller.

The calendar step is HUGE.

Removed from SB: forums, many reports, activity logs, calendar, user profile details, training tracking, help

Still in SB: messaging, advancement, payment logs

Sort of in both: roster (eg patrols)

My understanding of GTA and current data flows is that IA provides the closest user-facing view of data in the BSA’s internal system(s) of record. This 2019 article may provide some useful historical context BSA's Internet Advancement upgrades bring smarter, easier tools to units. Importance and Benefits of Electronic
Advancement Reporting
There are three methods for reporting advancement to the
National BSA database: (1) enter data directly into Scoutbook
(scoutbook.scouting.org); (2) upload data into Internet
Advancement (advancements.scouting.org) from third-party
advancement software, or (3) enter the data manually into
Internet Advancement (advancements.scouting.org).

As stated in “Reporting Advancement,”, all
advancement must be reported to local councils.* This is
important for keeping member records up to date. “Unit
Advancement Responsibilities,”, suggests the unit
advancement coordinator should use one of methods
described in the preceding paragraph to accomplish the
reporting. When this is done, it alleviates issues in
documenting progress as Scouts submit Eagle applications
or transfer from one unit to another within a council or
between councils. Consistent and constant reporting also
assures accurate records for use by commissioners, other
district and council volunteers, and the National Council.

For the record the heart emoji was the only one available and does not accurately represent my feelings on the chosen communications strategy with BSA’s registered volunteers.

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@PaulStrasma Scoutbook and Internet Advancement use the same database.

So noted. What is the Difference Between Internet Advancement and Scoutbook? - Scoutbook Knowledge Base could use an update based on this thread. The roster data sync among my.Scouting, Internet Advancement, Scoutbook and whatever council registrars use is the mystery of which I was thinking.

i think we all feel as you do Brian. Especially frustrating that so many volunteers know more about the systems we use to support our scouts/kids etc than the people employed by the organization. Limited choices, but those left include voting with feet and wallet. There’s always a choice.

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The changes I see is to move the word calendaring from Scoutbook to IA. Also move “ Service, camping and hiking logs.” To IA, but keep payment in SB. They could change the name from IA to SN+IA.

Do you see other changes that need to be made?


Eventually all SB functions will be moved to IA and the legacy SB system shut down.

I wasn’t sure if the goal was to keep some of these help documents updated in the meantime.

is there a proposed timeline on this at all? even if its not a had date but a goal of “by end of 2024” or “EOY 2025”?

Mostly re-iterating prior comments but even as a highly technical user and one who works in software development, the deployment and structure of overlapping apps/retiring apps leaves everyone confused on how to operate a unit effectively, not only for the scouts themselves but for the volunteer leaders.

I had just planned to get everyone into the DLE this upcoming calendar year but its being retired!