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How can a MBC register using an online application?

I have a friend who wish to register as a merit badge counselor. As a proponent of online registration, where would he do this? I know how to direct someone to register with a unit (using their beascout.org link), but what about non-unit positions? Has anyone done this yet?

Online is only for unit positions - so it cannot be done that I know of

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When registering as a MBC, in addition to the adult application, the Merit Badge Counselor Information form is needed. I do not know of an electronic version of this form.

Information About Online Registration for Councils and Unit Leaders | Boy Scouts of America (scouting.org)

“Council and district level volunteers can submit their applications for paid, unpaid, or multiple positions through the online registration system and be accepted electronically by the council. At the council level, you will be able to view all the applications and leads for the council, district, and units. At the district level, you will be able to view all applications and leads for your district and those units in your district.”

I understand that there are more steps to being a MBC, but with the staffing reductions, moving as much online possible is key. Especially when it says that it can be done.

That form is setup to accept electronic signatures, so that while there isn’t a webpage, it can be submitted online. I don’t recall if our district requires both, but they also have a google form for MBCs to fill out.

Unpaid is news to me - that used to be a hindrance. So maybe a Council has to set it up? @GaryFeutz you know anything on this?

“Unpaid” came with the multiples option a couple of months back. There was a bug, but they fixed it.

I suggest you ask your Council.

The general capability would be a national feature, even if not implemented in every council. It often seems that even after items are rolled out, the council is the last to know.

I will email our overworked registrar and see if she knows.

As a District Key 3, in the Invitation manager I can get an application URL for the district level. However, I’m not sure what one can do with that, because when I go to that link, it already tells me I’m registered at the district level.

Perhaps, if you didn’t have a district position (i.e. first time district volunteer), you would be apple to apply for one. But it’s not something we’ve figured out yet.

If you’re already registered at the district level, as we’ve discussed in another thread, being able to submit a multiple registration for another position doesn’t appear to be possible yet. But hopefully, it’s coming.

Do you see this url in the system? It isn’t “public”, is it?

No… when I go to invitation manager, I can find an Invitation link for the district, in the same place as you can find one for units. But while unit links are made available through beascout, I’m unaware of any place the district ones are publicly listed.

I guess it makes sense. If someone is asked to serve on a committee, they are sent the link. Thanks for the info!