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How to report a problem and request a change

I would like to request a change be made to Scoutbook.

First how is that done.

Second this is what I’d like changed. I’d like Service hours be split into 2 categories

  1. conservation hours and 2) Service hours. We have many awards that need “Conservation” hours and we we have Ranks that require both Conservation hours and Service hours thus making them different. I pose the question so shouldn’t they be in 2 different categories ?
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Regarding feature requests, these are made in:


One of the mods may be able to move this thread over there.

I know that something similar to this has been requested, but I’d argue that there is value to keeping it all as one “bag” of Service hours, but adding a “flag” to indicate that they are conservation hours, so that can be separately reported.

I can also see a use case where some (but not all) of the service hours for a given project might be counted as conservation hours. For example, a troop installed and painted fencing for a local open space preserve, but also assisted with removal of invasive species. Depending on the application of the fencing, those hours might not be conservation-related, but the removal of the invasive species might be. Rather than having to enter two separate events, flag some hours as conservation-related and some as “regular”.

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I’m open. I just know it’s difficult and time consuming to look at each one

Conservation service hours are a subset of service hours. On the Activity Log Report, you will see conservation hours show up in 2 sections: under Service Log and also under Conservation Service Log.

I have never seen a conservation log.

The other problem is that the activities are no longer on scout book…they bump you to internet advancement.

oh, so your saying that if its not noted as a conservation hour then being input it will not show up in a conservation log ?

Yes, the logs were moved to Internet Advancement 2.0.

As a new feature, when you add service hours in IA 2.0, select the category “Conservation Hours” and the activity will be included in the “Service Log” and “Conservation Service Log” sections of the Activity Log Report.

Thank you for the information. I will pass it on the the person doing the inputing.

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Feature request granted! :slight_smile:


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