How to switch back to using regular scoutbook

I’ve reached out to the District Exec in BAC to see what Baltimore Area Council can do to assist in providing greater transparency here.

The developers are providing official SUAC members with some (minimal?) amount of information because @edavignon was able to publish that he was aware that “Photos are still not working properly [and] the developers are investigating” (June 7, 2024 Scoutbook Plus Updates - Cub Scout Comments) I’m not sure what makes profile photos rise to the level of announcing that the developers are working on it vs. other known operational bugs that have been reported.

That’s simply not enough communication to the volunteer base that is Scouting America. We need to be winning hearts and minds with major updates like Scoutbook Plus. Part of rolling out major software releases is the increased engagement with the user-base to ensure stakeholder buy-in.

I will continue to applaud the efforts of those who have helped me here in these forums though. I highly suspect they have “insider” information to the product, but are likely under agreements of what they are and are not allowed to publish to the wider community here. We need to tackle that as a community and open their ability to engage with us and for us to the developers. They are Scouting America’s front-line support to Scoutbook Plus.