How to switch back to using regular scoutbook

I don’t like the new scoutbook plus, especially on a phone. How do I switch back to being able to use normal scoutbook for tracking advancement and maintaining the roster?


For Cubs all advancement is now on SB+ - mobile issues are being worked on.

Right so I’m trying to edit/create my new dens and this icon it says should be there is not there.


You need to use a computer to edit dens. The functionality is not currently in Scoutbook Plus.

yes that is missing from Mobile - you can create new dens on the screen you show - but edit existing is what is missing - if your mobile device has the see desktop option you can use that - or use a computer to see it - we hope the few things missing from mobile are live soon

We have a tutorial on the new Scoutbook Plus for Cub Scouts here: Introduction to Scoutbook Plus for Cub Scout Packs - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Ok, I’ll try to be patient. However as a developer myself I know it is impossible to find all the flaws before something is released. That being said, you should always test the most basic functionality first.

As a district training chair I would love to promote the tools available to us. We’re trying to provide tools that our volunteers can use easily and focus on the program for our kids. This tool is not there yet.

Believe it or not most people don’t use a desktop or laptop but use their phone most. The mobile version needs to be equally functional.


I agree the old Scoutbook was easy to use for Leaders and Parents. This new Scoutbook Plus IA interface from what I have seen so far is a lot more steps to do some of the similar task in the old Scoutbook. From a Leader stand point there was nothing wrong with Scoutbook in regards to entering adventures and rank information. This did not need to change. There had been plenty of updates to requirements in the past without a complete change to like was made this time.

I also agree that most use their phones now days and a lot don’t even have a computer.



It has been stated MANY times in the forums that Scoutbook must be replaced because it is using obsolete technology that is extremely difficult to get developers for and that it won’t scale any further for today’s usage.

The decision was made not to spend $ implementing the new Cub Scout program in a system that will be retired soon. The BSA simply does not have the resources to make major changes to a platform with a short lifespan.

There are help documents at to assist in learning how to use Scoutbook Plus.


First I did not know that it was stated in the forums before. I only use the forums when I am having trouble or issues like I was having advancing my dens this morning among a few other issues that popped up when the switch was made. So I am sorry for not knowing that.

I am just really trying to say that if the interface is not user friendly like it so far appears to be my Leaders and most of my parents will not use it.

I have looked at the documents yesterday and will share them with my Leaders like I always do. With that being said I know my Leaders and the current interface is not user friendly for them if I am having problems with it.


Thank you for the feedback. I agree that mobile needs to work better.


What is the roadmap for replacing Scoutbook?

Is anyone doing strategic communication planning so folks don’t have to come to the forums? Are there Scoutlife Articles in process or dedicated emails not auto-generated from forum posts? Do we know where people are getting their information about Scouting so that information can be provided there? It seems that more could be done to message these changes rather than relying on the forums and the banner messages to get information to the people that need it.


The BSA has previously stated via the SUAC volunteers that the roadmap will not be published.

I’m sure (but don’t have specific knowledge) that there’s some sort of messaging planned. There have been Scouting mag and Aaron on Scouting articles in the past about transitions, many of them even mostly accurate. If any of the SUAC volunteers has specific knowledge, they couldn’t share it without permission due to NDAs in place.

The BSA eliminated their direct-to-volunteer technical support folks quite some time ago, so the forums (via SUAC volunteer relay) or our respective council professionals are our only routes to tech support.

That’s a bit vague. Are you asking about things like roundtables and such? Or other digital/social media channels like FB and the like? I know my DC has had folks in who talked about Scoutbook and the Scoutbook Plus (formerly IA2) transition. I’m my unit’s SB/SB+ nerd, which is a large part of why I started hanging out here. I stuck around to watch and learn from others mistakes (hopefully, but not always, before I make them myself). I’m not on FB myself, but I’d be surprised if there hasn’t been any related comms about things as major transitions happen. Generally, the best way to stay on top of things that are changing is to subscribe to the change logs here.

I suspect we all agree that there are a lot of differences between how things currently work and how we’d like them to, comms among them. That said, I expect that the BSA is still trying to dig out, both at the national and council levels, from the costs of resolving the various lawsuits that have been settled recently. So, it’s (hopefully) rebuilding time now, and the BSA can focus on that rather than survival.

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The PAYMENTS LOG will be added to SB+, yes? I don’t see it there, and we use it in SB regularly.


As has been stated many times in the forums, eventually everything in the legacy Scoutbook user interface will be migrated to Scoutbook Plus user interface. We do not have a timeframe we can share. Updates are announced in the Scoutbook - Scoutbook Plus Change Log - Scouting Forums forum


When people ask this, I have put together what I could call a “back looking” roadmap since we can track that. It then can be used to see where we are coming from and what still needs to be done. We have come a long way and the calendar and cub advancement are almost the biggest changes one can imagine. My guess would be the next / last BIG change is Scout Advancement. After that, the rest is cleanup.

This isn’t official, but can be deduced with what has been done, what is left, and the fact it all needs to move. :slight_smile:

1. Move out of Scoutbook
	a. Cub Advancement>SB+
	b. Den Settings / Promotion>SB+
	c. Calendar>SB+
	d. Most/all reports>SB+
	e. Activity Logs>SB+
	f. Training>SB+
	g. Most user profile info>SB+
	h. Roster (currently in both)>SB+
	i. Help >
	j. Forums>
	k. Login (move to single sign on)>my.scouting
2. Other Moves
	a. Eagle Hour Reporting Separate Website>SB+
	b. Recharter Separate Website>SB+
3. Left to move
	a. Scout Advancement and Awards
	b. Cub Awards

c. Scout leadership tracking
d. Messaging
e. Payment Logs
f. Adult / scout connections & position permissions
g. Merit Badge Counselor Connections

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Hi, sorry, late to the part. What is Scoutbook Plus?

I just go here to log in:

Is that Scoutbook Plus?

@StevenSheldon - that is the site

@StevenSheldon Scoutbook Plus is the new name for what was formerly called Internet Advancement 2.0.


Scoutbook Plus (formerly Internet Advancement 2.0):

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If the purpose of the SUAC volunteers is to support the community and advocate for the community, then there must be some recognition that increased communication of the high-level roadmap activities and valuable feature updates should be published because that’s what is desired by the community.

From others comments, I agree that I only come to the forums when I’m having an issue with Scoutbook. I’ve subscribed to changelogs so I get those in my email, but it’s hard to read them all and float the important ones to my attention when the subject line is always the same in my inbox. Perhaps there can be an improved way to push out information to the community from the SUAC volunteers when major changes are happening. For example, push notifications in the new Scoutbook Plus would be a great way to disseminate information; could be as simple as a one-time notification I need to click “Acknowledge” on.

For the record, I love the new Scoutbook Plus. It’s very modern, responsive, and snazzy. I’m looking forward to the future possibilities it may bring.