How to transfer from Pack to Lone Scout youth and adults

Title says it all - How do I transfer from a Pack to Lone Scout, youth and adults?
I understand Scoutbook doesn’t work with Lone Scouts. The Pack the prospective Lone Scout and both parents are in is using Scoutbook. Do I need new applications for everyone (scout and both parents)? Is there an easier transfer process somewhere? Are online applications working or do they need to print paper applications and submit to council? (beascout is not helpful for Lone Scouts, it’s focused on units.

Unfortunately, Lone Scouts aren’t supported in Scoutbook. I know there have been a lot of requests over the years, but it’s always been rejected in the past.

I would recommend reaching out to your council for support and clarification of the application/“transfer” process. I would export a copy of the scout’s advancement reports, Scouts BSA History report, just to make sure that all of the relevant information (including BSA ID) is in the parents’ hands.

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@JeffTowne - the entire lone scout scenario is one that has to be handled by council if they even allow the option. All lone scout advancement would be processed by council. This is not the place to ask these questions.

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I do not believe there is an online application option for lone scouts.

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