I cannot update my child's advancement in Scoutbook

My children and I recently transferred Packs. Although I have “Full Access” on both their accounts, and am a “Committee Member” of the new Pack, I am unable to update their “achievements” in Scoutbook. Also, my daughter’s previous achievements did not transfer.

Sounds like you changed councils - post the BSA #s and we can take a look

Both Packs are within the Greater Colorado Council and Frontier District: We moved from 330 to 711. TY!

@TaraAronson like I said post the BSA # and we can look at it

Thought you meant Pack #s, sorry. My BSA # is 13688101. Kids are 13688104 and 13840045.


In Cub Scouts the Scouts have to be in a Den for Scoutbook to work - that is the issue

I’m currently listed as a committee member for Pack 711. Would that status allow me to assign scouts to Dennis? I thought I tried to assign Shaun to the Webelos Dan earlier this morning and was told they didn’t have that access.

An Admin has to do it

Roger that- thank you!

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