IA Calendar is missing support for non-Latin script languages

Recognizing that we have BSA units across the world, it is an essential need that the calendar supports UTF-8 text encoding in order to allow for the input of the local language for essential event items like the local names of locations and addresses!
I encountered this issue just now when trying to update an event with the location for an upcoming den meeting in Seoul, South Korea. I acknowledge that a workaround is to enter the Romanized/translated name of the place or street, but when you are trying to get a taxi or find the street/building it does not help as much as having the name in the local language does.
I will attach a picture of the before and after of what happens when saving an event with information typed in various non-Latin language scripts. It becomes gibberish when viewing the saved event.

How it looks when typing/pasting the text entry:

How it looks after saving:


I hjave passed this on to the developers.

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