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Is the my.scouting app maintained?

There are a number of bugs. If I reported them, would they be added to a list to be fixed? Or is it not maintained?

Looking at the version history, it seems to be pretty actively maintained. Seems to be updated monthly or so.

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You can report bugs related the my.scouting app via the Send Feedback link in the app. Click on the 3 bars at the lower right corner (hamburger menu). This will start an e-mail that goes to the support team and includes data about the version of the app you are currently using.

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BSA Member Care gets easily confused between the my.Scouting Tools via a web browser and access to my.Scouting Tools via the My Scouting mobile device application. (HD-169810 is an example of this.)

Reporting feedback via the mobile device may get reports to the right place faster.