Is there a timestamp for an activity entered into the IA calendar?

Is there a way (or does it exist) to view the timestamp of an activity that was entered into the IA calendar?

Thank you.

Wanda Spinner

@WandaSpinner - the audit log report may be what you are after. That is found in the reports list in scoutbook on the unit page or in IA in the reports listing

I had been looking at the reports listing in IA, but there isn’t a timestamp field for an entry into the calendar itself. I do see a timestamp for when a Scout replied to an invite, but not the invite timestamp itself.

go to > Click Reports in Left Grey Bar > Click Reports at top > Click Audit Report

Click the date range > Limit down to what you want to see > data should be there (cropped off Scout and Leaders Names) @WandaSpinner

I think they want to check “Other” for the calendar.

Is the Date/Time field, the date that the invite was entered into the calendar?

that is when the action took place - Yes - not sure if that is localized time or CST as I have never thought about it being in CST - but will ask

Thank you for the information.

Times are localized on report

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Thank you for the information. Appreciate it.