Issue with Dens not all showing when adding a position

I have been attempting for some time to add my position as a Den leader for “Den 1” in our pack. My son is shown as registered in Den 1 with no leader listed. When I attempt to add my position, the only options I have to choose from is Den 3 or Den 4. The Cubmaster has also looked into it and can’t figure out why I don’t have the menu option for Den 1. As a result, I have not been able to enter advancement for the members of the den. This issue is not specific to the mobile app but the desktop app as well. Thanks!

@JamesDuffy - what type of den is Den 1 as only your unit can see that ? That will change the type of leader to add.

Lion, Tiger, Webelos - bo not have the Den Leader Position, they have Tiger Den Leader, Webelos Den Leader, etc

Thanks…that fixed it!

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