JTE scorecard features and auto-submission

A few examples of 2019 Cub Scout JTE scorecard features that could be enabled by adding features to scoutbook

“50% of Cub Scouts advance one rank during the year”
This is a report using the dates advancement is completed

“Have a registered assistant Cubmaster”
This is a report item

“33% of Cub Scouts participate in a camping experience or improvement over the prior year.”
“Participate in two service projects and enter the hours on the JTE website.”
“Each den has the opportunity to participate in three outdoor activities or field trips during the year.”
This is an activity calendar. Select the individuals who came on the activity, the den(s) it was for and choose from pre-filled options what the den worked on. Support a pack-wide activity by allowing Scout and activity selection across ages and the den to age assignment handles advancement assignment. Service hours can then be auto-submitted to national, replacing the current system

And the same changes allows submission in December to automated as well, removing the need for paperwork to be printed and signed.

Kevin - to add a wrinkle to this is the fact that there are councils using JTE 2.0 which measures unit performance with a different set of goals and metrics.

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Another wrinkle is that Scoutbook is not currently connected to the BSA’s JTE service hour website:


I hope that’s on the list… :grin:

Just to be clear, I’ve not heard of any plans to roll “JTE 2.0” out nationally. Are you? I’m only aware of one council that uses it.

Jacob - I too am under the impression that JTE 2.0 has a limited if not singular pool of usage, but just the same that variance in addition to units not using scoutbook in the same way could cause the auto dump of JTE data to not be desired.

Perhaps. My intention of calling it out is primarily to prevent a rumor from starting that JTE is changing.

Jacob - thanks… I did not even think of that being an unwanted outcome… but NO the same JTE that the majority of us know and love it still the same JTE. :slight_smile:

For current Journey to Excellence (JTE) information, including unit guidebooks, scorecards and spreadsheets go to:

https://www.scouting.org/jte forwards to the above.