July 26, 2023 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Unit/Venturing Participant Connections
    • An issue that prevented the Connections link from showing on the account of Unit/Venturing Participants (Venturers and Sea Scouts 18 years of age and older) who are also registered leaders in a Troop or Pack has been fixed.
  • MB Requirements Upload
    • An issue that caused the MB Requirements Upload function to fail if a Scout had started an older version of the MB has been fixed.
  • Sea Scout Unit Participant Membership
    • An issue that caused Sea Scouts that turned age 18 and thus became Unit Participants to have their Ship membership incorrectly updated has been fixed.
  • Unit Participants on Roster
    • An issue that caused some Unit Participants to be listed twice on the unit roster has been fixed.

New Features

  • Bounced E-Mail
    • E-Mail messages that bounce due to an invalid address will have that address marked No E-Mail (Opt Out) to prevent future messages from being sent to it.
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