Lead Advisor removed after Re-Charter

I apologize if this isn’t the correct place for this thread, but I’m starting to get a little impatient.

On October 30th I re-chartered my explorer post. Everything went through just fine but it took nearly two weeks to process for some reason. After it finally processed, I went to go in and check the roster and discovered that I had been removed from my post’s roster. I have zero admin access, and this is a problem as I have explorers that I need to re-submit back as some have moved from youth to Explorer Participant. I also have another adult advisor to add in and a couple youths.

I inquired with my council about this and they said they opened a “ticket” about it…but it is December 7th now, more than a month later and I still am not on my posts roster and I still have zero access to do anything with the post. I am clearly listed on the re-charter form that I signed off on.

What can I do to expedite a resolution to this? Not being able to do any management or online record keeping with my post is quite frustrating.

@BrianCavalier should not be that hard for a council to fix - I think I would talk to them - ask them if they want it fixed or want to lose a unit (they care about numbers)

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I asked about that. They said they put in a ticket at “nationals” and that “nationals” had to fix it otherwise they’d have to pay again to re-add me to the roster. So here we are still…