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Leader login button missing on mobile

On mobile, the page layout hides submit button making it impossible to login. Tried portrait and landscape.

Looks like that’s an iPhone? Do you have a different browser to try? If not, it’s ok. I’m looking to collect as much info as possible to pass along to the developers.

If possible please include what iOS browser (this doesn’t look like Safari), which phone type, and iOS version. I know on my version once I complete the reCapcha, it turns into the yellow login button, so no scrolling is required. Having this extra info as Jacob mentioned will help as we submit to the developers.

iPhone 11 safari and chrome are both working today. Not sure what changed. I checked both yesterday but can’t rule out user error. Could be connected to last pass filling in password. Sometimes that messes things up but appears to also be working. Does not work with trails end though but that is different matter.

I am observing captcha turns into login now.

Consider this issue closed. Thanks.

Glad it’s working now. Sometimes reCaptcha is squirrelly with auto-password fill and iOS. Glad it’s working now. Occasionally, I have found that I have to refresh the page to make it work.

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